SheF's ConsTructioN PapeR CarD CreationS

I have made a bunch of these Cards, but I only can find a couple right now.

This card was for Andrea's first Mother's Day! Notice the baby's heartbeat and when it jumps from Andrea laughing during the Sonogram, Classic! I even tried to included some nice cultural things. In SouthAsiaLand a married woman wears, among other things, a little red line in the part of her hair.

This was for my Mom on her birthday a couple years back (see the little birthday cake in the whale's spout water). How nice! a card for your mother on the day she gets older with a BEACHED WHALE on it. Love you Mom!

This is bad picture (pre-scanner). This card was a going-away gift for my friend Lance. Here are 4 different memories captured in 4 pictures.
1.We used to play DDR (Dance Dance Revolution).
2. I would make Super-Sandwiches (my specialty).
3. The first night leading the youth program a car drove by playing "It's getting hot in here..." If you know the rest then you know why we were embarrassed at the youth meeting.
4. We had a blast the first night we hung out and drove over Lake Panchartrain on I-10 in Louisiana.

This was a card for our friend Judie who tried out for American Idol. This is her rocking out to a Dixie Chicks song in the Supa'Dome. Andrea helped her get her audition ready. I got to play one of the judges during our practice auditions. You rock JUDIE!

That's all I could find for now. Stay tuned for more Construction Paper Madness!


SouthAsiaRocks said...

You've definitely progressed in your talents over the years :) NIce :)

Annie said...

I wish we had known about this talent much earlier!!

Annie said...

I am making a request- we need a pic of Andrea on bedrest- construction paper or digital- you pick! :-) We're praying for you guys! and sweet little jelly bean!!

E-Rob said...

I agree with Andrea - you're on the road to becoming the Da Vinci of construction paper! Get some acid-free paper and you can make the mother of all scrapbooks!

Nelia said...

You write very well.