Life is a Highway

Life in SouthAsiaLand is always exciting. Even the most routine things can be blogworthy. We don't have a car but using public transportation gives plenty of photo opportunities.

Leaving the house I passed some ladies cleaning the curb WITH A SPONGE! This is also a prime example of the "SouthAsiaLand Squat." Folks here can sit like this all day. It is amazing to see carpenters and cobblers using their toes like a vice.

At the next traffic light/bus stop, there's always room for one more. The term bus stop is used a bit loosely here, maybe they should be called a bus roll or a bus California stop.

About this time, my auto-rickshaw driver slams on the brakes and swerves to the side. Crazy swerving isn't rare enough riding in these things, but the driver had a peculiar smile which was strange. After a little prodding, he told me that he is running from the police because he just ran the red light. Now, that sounds worse than it is, because traffic lights and traffic laws are loosely followed. But this time there were policemen standing in the road with 6 foot-long sticks. So after swinging a sharp U-turn we took some back roads and continued our journey.
At the next traffic light, we actually stopped at this one, we pulled up next to another bus. It appears that this one is covered with a thin layer of cake frosting. yum!....wait that's not frosting...ewww.

Many trucks and cars are covered with bright messages and specific instructions. This one is a great reminder for those incontinent drivers and pedestrians out there. It says, "Please use Diper at night." aka... "Use your low beams, or dipper."

After a big of swerving and swooping past this giant potato and a few leisurely cyclists, I arrived at my destination. What an experience for a $1.25!