A Shoo-in!

Election time is upon us once again. As the normal custom, municipal improvements are made right before election day. The powers that be in SouthAsiaLand have decided to make some "well-needed" improvements. Although it’s not visible in the photo, they have installed a brand new, shiny traffic light. Believe it or not, this intersection is called “fast car.”

There are more than a few interesting items in this photo. Firstly. the line of horse carts (max speed 10-12 mph, probably) at the “fast-car” intersection with the new traffic light. Secondly, I really enjoy the SQUARE manhole cover neatly placed on top of the ROUND man hole. Whoever is running is shoo-in for re-election.


Top Gun Pizza

No matter where I go or what I do, I still love pizza. I am so glad that I have Pizza Hut in SouthAsiaLand. For the most part, the pizza is the same, but the service is always “top notch” or “Top Gun” as you’ll probably agree. In SouthAsiaLand, there are benefits to eating-in at the Pizza Hut restaurant. To name just a couple: they have a big bell that you get to ring when you leave and they do group Bollywood-style dancing every night.

I have worked in a million restaurants. If you don’t believe me, check my myspace page ( www.myspace.com/southasiarolls ). I am quite impressed with the level of service that I get when going to Pizza Hut. After taking my order they give me a oddly-precise pizza arrival time (aka OPPAT, as we call it in the biz). “Thank you sir, your pizza will arrive in 12-14 minutes.”

This place is no joke; the servers are always wearing these sleek black uniforms and running or jumping around like crazy. If that doesn’t make the dining experience awesome enough, one server stands out above the rest. He is the “Top Gun”. When all the other servers are wearing red and black uniforms, the reflection of Top Gun stands glistening off the greasy pizza with his stylish white and red uniform. This is accented by his huge, golden “Top Gun” pin. I don’t know if he came straight from flight school or just a big Tom Cruise fan, but he is really sharp. He totally steals the show, when dance-time comes around.

When Andrea and I don’t feel like going out, we order in. I love the delivery service almost as much as eating in. The delivery guys always bring the same gusto with them on the scooter as well as in the restaurant. Upon delivery, they always repeat my order and smile when they leave.

Last night was a special occasion because we received a special bonus with our delivered pizza. It was delivered by none other than the Top Gun! I had to take a moment to compose myself... okay...wow! “The Top Gun is delivering my pizza. What an honor to be standing in the street in front of my house with the Top Gun!” I was not disappointed.

He whipped out the receipt and my two Pepsi bottles and handed them to me. “Here are your two Pepsi bottles sir and your bill.”

Smiling, I said, “Thank you.”

Pulling out my pizza box from the hot bag, he did something unexpected. Right there on the street, he opens the pizza box and says, “Sir, you have ordered for one family size simply veg. pizza with pineapple, onions, and extra cheese.” This really surprised me. Isn’t there some pizza-man code about opening the pizza on the street. It defintely cracked me up! For some strange hygienic reason, I felt a little grossed out by this and still in shock by the time he handed me the change.

He was soon on his way and I am not sure what I learned. I guess it doesn’t matter because the pizza was great and what a great memory on the side.